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Include List

This is a list of include entries each of which can add files to the resulting file list.
All include items will be processed in the order they appears.

It has list of include entries, tasks panel with all available commands and a toolbar with commonly used ones.

Add include items

Add file - adds a single "File" include item
Add file list - adds a single "File list" include item
Add folder - adds a single "Folder"include item

Individual files and folders can be directly added from the File List.


Include / exclude item - turns the selected item into "include" or "exclude" kind so that all files from that item will be added to the resulting file list or removed from it
Enable / disable item - enables or disables the item so it will or will not be used when creating a file list
Edit item - changes item's settings
Load / save include list - saves the list of include entries to the file or loads it from the file
Refresh file list / Cancel operation - starts / cancels creating the file list from include entries
Delete item - delete the selected include item
Delete all items - delete all include items

The same commands are available in the context menu by right click on the list.
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