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"Folder" Include Item

Represents one folder.
You can customize which files from this folder to include and should the files in subfolders be included as well.

Add folder items by "Add folder" command.
Use "Edit item" command or double-click the item to change the folder it represents and other settings.

Folder - the folder this item represents. Click "Change" to select another one.

Use mask - check to include the files with name which fits the mask only, otherwise all files will be included.
Only file name is being matched, not the full path.
Regular expression - check if the mask text is a regular expression.
Exact match - shows if an exact match to the mask required.
See also Regular Expressions Syntax.

Mask "file" will select files "filename.txt", "file1.exe" and "".
Regular expression "(.)file" will match "1file.txt", "" but not "file.exe".
Regular expression "(.)\1" will select files with repeating letters in the name, like "boot.ini" and "moon.txt".
Mask "file.txt" with exact match required will match only "file.txt" but not "my_file.txt".
Regular expression "(.)file\.txt" will match "1file.txt", "Afile.txt" but not "My_file.txt".

Include files - check to include files from the folder. It is checked by default and its purpose is to distinguish files from folders for the future versions of the program.
Include folders - check to include subfolders to the list. Currently no actions can be applied to the folders, this feature is reserved for the future versions of the program.
Include hidden - check to include hidden files to the list.
Include self - check to include the folder itself to the list. This is reserved for the future versions.

Recursive - check to process all subfolders recursively.
Include compressed (zipped) folders - check process compressed subfolders recursively as well. This works in Windows XP only.
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